iphone 3G – Crackberry 2.0


In case you haven’t been bombarded enough by the unveiling of the iPhone 3G, you may just have to hear about it one more time, because, we, the creative minds behind the Office Supply Blog, are of that religion. We understand that the majority of you guys are still under the monopolistic hold of Microsoft Windows, however that is about to change.

Let me reinterpret some of the more important features of iPhone 3G to all you latent Apple fans:

  1. Support for Microsoft Exchange: Fortune 500 companies everywhere will drop the Blackberry as the main mobile device so fast, you won’t know where it disappeared to.
  2. Better, faster: 3G technology allows iPhone fast access to internet and email, will make it easier for office workers everywhere to mix work and play.
  3. $199 price tag: it was $599 merely a year ago, 2/3 price drop means the new iPhone will be ubiquitous.
  4. Enterprise applications: Apple recently opened the iPhone to outside development programs, as in there will be so many fun business applications to help your daily office tasks simpler, easier, and funner.

Here is what we predict will happen in post iPhone 3G world:

  1. Microsoft looses 80% of market share because corporations worldwide eventually switch to Macintosh operating system because of the iPhone 3G. Will become such a rare commodity that they become hip again, establish their own cult following, and still manages to make boatload of money auctioning “antique” Windows operating systems on Ebay.
  2. Research in Motion and Palm merge, produce a baby that’s so ugly they both have to file for bankruptcy.
  3. Steve Jobs is declared National Treasure, and is the only human being granted the right to clone himself due to his importance to “National Security Issues”.
  • But how will it compare to the new crackberry due out in the Fall?

    As a real estate pro, there are so many software programs already available for Blackberry…and even Blackjack!… the iPhone is becoming popular for agents but it would all depend on how quickly MLS functionality works because as of right now they are all IE only!… and Blackberry!

  • durk

    why don’t you get a blow up doll of Steve Jobs already…freak.

  • Caleb

    I can’t believe the price for the new iPhone, I definitely will be getting one now.