The First Inkless and Portable Printer

In early February, Polaroid Corp., the Massachusetts Company that gave the world instant film photography, announced they would be shutting down its film manufacturing lines in the state and abandoning the technology that made it famous and popular for the past 60 years. The company will retain about 150 employees and will now focus on flat-panel TVs and digital photography gear.

Among the new upcoming innovations, is the Polaroid PoGo™ Instant Mobile Printer – a small portable printer, which will let people print on the go. This printer is the first of its kind, using Zink – the zero-ink technology. No more need of printer cartridges! And because there is no ink, the Zink printer has the unique benefits of being small, simple, elegant, and mostly eco-friendly.

The secret is in the paper; the PoGo’s thermal print head activates dye crystals in the glossy photo paper. Sheets of the 2-by-3-inch printer are thinner than the old Polaroid print paper and contain three layers of primary colors suspended in the paper itself. The print is ready usually within 60 seconds.

The PoGo is designed to mostly print snapshots from a digital camera or a camera phone. It connects to cell phones via Bluetooth, and Polaroid says that the printer is compatible with over 80 percent of the cell phone models on the market that are equipped with Bluetooth and a camera. The PoGo also connects to PictBridge-enabled cameras via USB and to your PC.

As with the original Polaroid cameras, the main attraction of the printer is to obtain instant gratification, while it also offers mobility. The printer sells for $150 and holds 10 pieces of paper at a time. The paper conveniently comes in packages of 10 sheets for $4.

  • Hi, interesting post! I work as a part-time employee at a store that dealing in multi function printers. We receive many orders for multi function printers especially the ones with the fax machine compatibility.

  • Micheal: Yes. It can be used with a computer via a usb cable or even Bluetooth.

  • Can it be used with a computer?

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  • Betty

    It’s nice to read that polaroid is still making advances and all, but it really is a drag that there won’t be any more of the old polaroid instant film/cameras anymore. Oh well. Onward and upward.

  • ji kim

    this is really amazing but it probably wastes alot of paper. I want one for sure, it would be great weightloss documentation system. Everyday you can wake up and take a picture of yourself naked and see how you progress. very interesting

  • What really got me excited is the inkless technology, which makes printing both mobile and easy. I am really looking forward for future applications of the Zink tehnology. It really has great potential.

  • jbenson2

    2″ x 3″ ???
    Do they supply a magnifying glass to see the postage stamp sized photo?

  • seems pretty cool… i wonder if it works with all camera types o_o

  • It’s good to see an old company like Polaroid that knows how to reinvent itself. The music and movie industries could learn a lot from Polaroid and Kodak.

  • ryan

    the picture quality is ok. its good for ink less

  • Ji Kim

    hi ji here again i love this super amazing. batman time!

  • Leave it to Polaroid to come up with this. But if it isn’t one thing (ink) it’s another still (paper).

    This would be great for little league pictures!