52 Great Office Supply Logos

Inspired by Logo Design Works.

There is nothing like a colorful, shiny, clean logo. Every time I create a banner or email or any sort of promotional material, I take mental notes on the brands we carry that have the best logos or best websites (will post someday..) or best marketing materials. The Office Supply industry is still somewhat old fashioned but continually becoming more and more online and innovative.

So what do you notice? Lots of calm medium blues and power reds with a few joyful yellows and oranges and environmental greens mixed in. And lots of Black. If you’re thinking about starting an office supplies type brand – try pink or turquoise or purple.

Which logo is your favorite?

  • great article. hope for the future of this blog is getting good with article more useful and good. ok thanks and god bless you

  • Wil

    Great list of office supply brands. The logos that best fit the their brand’s overall identities are Seventh Generation (Green) and Fellowes (tough, durable). The cleanest logo has to be Rolodex, very modern and simplistic. Iceberg is well, fairly straight forward (no confusion there). And last but certainly not least is my overall favorite, Elmer’s and their iconic bull. I just hope they don’t ever bring on a new brand manager who feels the company needs a “fresh image!”