Keyboard for Blondes


Now don’t be offended. As a blonde myself, I think I’m allowed to poke fun at my own kind.

This is the Keyboard for Blondes or Blonde Board for short. Besides the vibrant girly color, check out the key names:  No! (Esc Key), WARNING! size XXL letters (Caps lock), Yes I want it! (Enter), and many variations of “useless” keys. The Function keys are apparently completely useless since none of them held on to any description. Maybe this truly is a more efficient keyboard. You know immediately which keys to disregard when all you do is update your status on Facebook. I really did want to pat myself on the back when I noticed the “Very Smart Blonde Button.” I use that one all the time. Along with Oops! and the Eraser.

Make sure to check out their website, it’s hysterical.

Some of the top ten reasons to have one include:

Parison Hilton doesn’t have one
Matches your lipstick
Excuse for a cute guy in the office to talk to you (really?)
Even better, Excuse for a cute girl in the office to talk to you! Not sure girls would think this keyboard was comical or cute if a boy had it. That would be beyond funny, kind of to the point of scary.

Tagline: When we got in touch with our inner blondes …It was fun! 

  • That is a good gift for girls with a sense of humor :-)))
    All about keyboard

  • Grace

    You have one? I am definitely jealous. Although I definitely think people would judge me if I had one at work

  • I have one :) It’s very funny :)

  • I think pink keyboard is a good gift :) and not only for blondes… everybody can using it with pleasure :) coz it’s sooooo funy :))