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office supplies sales tip

What is a true customer? According to dictionary .com a customer is “a person who purchases goods or services from another; buyer; patron.”. This statement is a wonderful depiction of the word customer, however there are so many other aspects of a true customer. A


The First Inkless and Portable Printer

In early February, Polaroid Corp., the Massachusetts Company that gave the world instant film photography, announced they would be shutting down its film manufacturing lines in the state and abandoning the technology that made it famous and popular for the past 60 years. The company

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Desktop Of The Future

In your real physical work space, documents are structured, marked, organized, and construed to contain subtle informative cues that help us tremendously in processing our daily work load. Such expressive cues are lost when translated into the virtual world. If your computer desktop is anything

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Sales Corner Report

The demand for office supplies is an ongoing sequence of events. This sequence will always encompass both realms of satisfied and dissatisfied customers. Each select customer has its very own characteristics and needs that have to be met on a per order basis whether it

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Introduction to Friday Series

Dear readers We here at the blog are experimenting with our Friday blogging schedules to introduce insights from our other staff members, address concerns and problems from our dear customers, and/or humorous happenings throughout the week. Stayed tuned to development in our experimentation.

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Office Space of Creative People

Have you ever wondered what office space of creative people looks like? Is there something in particular that is drastically different in the work space of people of uber creative nature that lend itself to the bubbling of stream of inventiveness? Does the use of