Poll: Should Officials Use Binder Clips?

As you may have seen on Twitter yesterday, I posted a link to an article about the Fox News kids getting upset about Obama holding a bill in his hand that was held together by a binder clip. (Here’s the article) How dare he use normal, inexpensive office items to hold together a stack of papers! And how awesome of Fox News to spend time talking about it. (and how awesome of me for reposting the story and carrying this out) Maybe I’m crazy here but I thought that story was insane and I thought the government saving money and being normal was a good thing? I want to know what you guys think.

Should important Government Officials Publicly use Binder Clips?

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Please share your thoughts in the comments below! (And I’m realizing after Barbara’s comment that I need to more mellow about this. It was mostly just a joke.)

  • Grace

    MartinDE – Thanks for your comment!

  • MartinDE

    The importance is not that Obama used a binder clip; it is that FOX is so intent on finding something wrong with Obama that they end up talking about binder clips. This story is important because of the social and cultural dynamic not the binder clip.

    Why did FOX report on something that is not newsworthy? This is the question that makes posting and re-posting this article so IMPORTANT. If Barbara does not understand what the article says about our “News” and society, it’s a shame. However, this should not stop you from understanding the importance and doing the right thing. I’ll pass your post along because it is so important. Thanks for passing along a news worthy piece.

    Good job:)

  • Grace

    Barbara, that is a great point. I was just thinking that by reposting this story I was wasting more of everyone’s time discussing something that doesn’t matter. While I know that the story was somewhat sarcastic, I still think it is interesting that networks will take the time to point out these things. I’m a little frustrated with the way political parties say the most ridiculous things about each other and make it painful to even want to vote for someone when election time comes.

    Thanks for commenting and I apologize for falling for what was a mostly a joke.

  • Barbara Gordon

    Obviously, the sarcasm was lost on you.

    Good grief. I suppose if you spent the time RE-POSTING a benign political comment, then it must be time to unlike your page.