the doorman poll

This post may reveal a lot of terrible things about me but I promise I am not a bad person. Sometimes I just think about things a lot and I’m heavily influenced by watching Seinfeld every night since I was young. My apt building has a security desk that you walk past every time you leave. I’ve also worked in buildings with security desks. Sometimes I say hi and sometimes I don’t. I will definitely say something if there is something to say but if there isn’t, sometimes I will just walk by. Is that bad? Does that make me a bad person? Do you think the security person or doorman wants a conversation? I can’t decide! Obviously, I can see the similarity with Jerry’s situation in the Doorman episode (watch clips here) and I could see how maybe you could come off as a jerk. I’m just wondering what everyone else thinks about this ridiculous topic (because I really think about it everyday.)

Do you greet a doorman/security person every time you walk past?

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Let me add another social situation I don’t know how to handle (demonstrated by Seinfeld again) – the kiss hello. I didn’t grow up with the kiss hello (except sometimes from a distant relative) and I always get confused!

What work/social situations are weird for you?