Promos: Best in Billboards


We see them while we are driving, riding the subways, in our local malls and everywhere in between. Billboards are everywhere and aren’t going away any time soon, but we don’t mind. We found some awesome billboards that are total show stoppers and completely change the advertising game. With a bar set this high, we look forward to what’s next in billboard advertising. Check out these Best in Billboards that caught our eye:


These larger than life billboards are sure to make your car feel like a Hot Wheels toy!


Perfect use of a corner billboard.

Best Billboards Spotted While Driving - 14

Texture creates the feeling of impact in this public service billboard.

Best Billboards Spotted While Driving - 23

Ok ok, you have to admit, this is pretty funny. Nice use of humor in ad copy.

Best Billboards Spotted While Driving - 35

There is no way that this billboard arch can go unnoticed while driving.


Ikea uses their furniture as the focal point of this ad…. Literally.


This ad for the 2004 disaster film “The Day After Tomorrow” carries its doomsday vibes right into the ocean. Pretty stunning.


This interactive billboard from the Economist magazine features a motion sensor lightbulb that lights up whenever anyone walks under it. Awesome.


This hair care company used the beauty of nature’s sunset to promote their hair color services. Pretty genius.


If he can eat through a billboard, this guy’s teeth must be pretty strong. Give us that tooth paste!

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