5 Unique Street Team Marketing Campaign Ideas

Street Team Marketing Campaigns

Let’s be honest, we have all accepted fliers or other freebies from street teams at some point in our lives. Why do street teams exist? Companies hire street teams because they are effective in spreading brand awareness and can help increase positive brand interaction. How likely are you to try a brand if you were given a coupon or a sample to try? More likely, especially if you’ve never heard of the brand before! Most street teams have a simple agenda; pass out fliers or free samples. But to make your brand truly resonate with your audience, thinking outside the box really helps! Here is a list of unique street team marketing campaign ideas to give you some inspiration.

Walking Billboard: Walking Billboard advertisements are a step-up from your average street team. Depending on the goal of your campaign, you can give out fliers and free samples for pedestrians too. The billboard catches attention and therefore increases your brand presence.

Street Team Marketing Campaigns Walking Billboard New Look

New Look advertises a major sale with a team of walking billboards.

Street Team Marketing Campaigns Walking Billboard Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls plays with fun bubbles to catch attention.

Free Samples: Who doesn’t love freebies? Try unique ways to distribute them out to stand out from your competitors! For example, take advantage of the food truck culture obsession by utilizing this method to hand out snacks. T-Mobile was interested in targeting potential employees with a recruitment campaign and parked a food truck near popular lunchtime spots. Serving complimentary coffee, tea, and snacks also made them stand out!

Street team marketing tmobile free refreshments

Free refreshments make people happy!

Street team marketing tmobile

These bright T-Mobile magenta t-shirts are fun and eye-catching! For more color options, check out Shoplet Promos.

Charity: Looking to display a strong message about your brand? Help out a charitable cause! Levi’s teamed up with Goodwill to collect jean donations at their stores. The street team went jean-less and opt for plain white tees and shorts to distribute fliers to pedestrians to spread awareness about their cause. The shorts carry the classic Levi’s brand logo on the back. Ingenious, ain’t it?

Street team marketing Levis Jean

We love Levi’s unique “pantless” marketing campaign!

Levis Marketing Campaign Donate Jeans

Even their fliers are pantless!

Performance: To draw in a crowd, why not deliver a spectacular show offstage? Street performers and flash mobs are great resources that draw in interest. To promote FUZE’s newest green and black tea drink, the brand booked a double-decker tour bus to transport a street team dressed up as giant tea leaves. The bus dropped off the dancers throughout New York City to launch a flash mob performance.

Street Team Marketing Campaign FUZE Leaves

Bring on the flash mob dances!

Street Team Marketing Campaign FUZE

FUZE’s Black and Green Team are [literally] Together!

Interactive: Utilizing street teams to execute marketing campaigns gives brands a personal touch. After all, your teams are interacting with your target audience directly face-to-face. Instead of actively searching for your audience, why not make them come to you? When the CW Network was looking to promote the launch of Nikita, they developed a scavenger hunt. The street team deployed various cardboard standees of Nikita throughout San Francisco and asked fans to upload a photograph for the chance to win an iPad. Interactive campaigns like this are fun for fans and helps promote your brand.

Street Team Marketing Interactive Nikita Picture

Cheesing it with fearless Nikita from The CW!

Street Team Marketing Interactive CW Nikita

Can you find them all?

These are great ideas to think about the next time you’re developing a street team campaign! Before you send your team out, prep them with the right promotional gear to represent your brand and target goals. Visit Shoplet Promos now to access a great selection of items.