Create Everything Imaginable with Crayola

I came across these Crayola commercials yesterday and could not stop watching them! Crayola seems to be one of the most innovative companies out there and I love seeing the new things they come up with. I want that glow in the dark color dome!

  • LisaT

    I am an illustrator, I use Crayola colored pencils and markers for my sketches/thumbnails/roughs All the time. They are very reasonably priced and the color selections are pretty decent.

  • gracej

    Thanks for giving such a thorough review of the product! This sounds like a possible holiday gift item for kids!

  • funkypeanut

    My mother bought the color dome for my son when it came out, and he loves it. There are only two issues with it:

    1. He can only use the included markers with it, and even the Crayola flagship store an hour from where we live doesn’t have replacements.

    2. We have to clean it within an hour or two or it gets really hard to get all the color off.

    One of the best things about it, though, is that it has two surfaces, an inner arc-shaped piece and the outside dome, that can be lit together or separately, and it has different lighting functions and rotation speeds. Tres cool.