Get Ready for a #careSHAREgrow Twitter Party!

#careSHAREgrow Twitter Party Oct 29

This year, we have been working hard with Trees for the Future to reach our goal of planting 1 million trees throughout the world. It’s easy to help plant a tree- every order placed through counts for a new tree being planted and every social media share and tweet plants an additional tree. Our Care. Share. Grow. Twitter parties have been very successful thanks to the help of our readers tweeting with the tag #careSHAREgrow. Great news, we’re back with another #careSHAREgrow Twitter Party coming up! But first, we are now ready to announce how many trees we’ve planted to date.

Ready? Can we get a drum roll please…

236, 907!

Wow, thanks so much for your help and support everyone! You can always stay updated with our green initiatives by visiting our page here. We’re proud of our accomplishments but we can’t stop now. Let’s see how much we can increase our process before the end of the year with another #careSHAREgrow conversation! Ready for our next #careSHAREgrow Twitter Party? Mark your calendars people, because our next Twitter chat is going to be on Thursday, October 29th. Make sure you follow @Shoplet on Twitter for your chance to win great prizes and have the opportunity to help plant trees- seriously, what else can be better?

You’re invited to our next #careSHAREgrow party on October 29th, 4-5PM EDT. 

See you then!

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