Join Our Throwback to School #careSHAREgrow Twitter Party!

We’re back with another #careSHAREgrow Twitter Party event! Fall is just around the corner. Although many of us aren’t ready to let go of summer just yet, there’s still tons to look forward to. Snuggly sweaters, hot coco and back to school season! Yep our favorite time to restock on all of our office supplies is upon us and we’re ready to give you guys the hook up! Whether you’re a student, parent of a student or someone who simply needs a few items for your office, this party is definitely for you!

CSG-Banner1This month, we’re getting nostalgic and dedicating our chat to some seriously vintage office supplies. Did you strut your stuff down the halls with a Peanuts lunchbox? Maybe you had the most boss Lisa Frank unicorn Trapper Keeper in history. Or maybe you had one of those highly coveted piano pencil cases (we’re jealous). This month, we’re talking all things vintage. Do you remember what kinds of school supplies were cool when you were in middle and high school? We’re bringing you fun trivia to see if you can remember some classic favorites.

As always, every tweet using the #careSHAREgrow will plant a tree in your honor, so let’s celebrate the new school year and plant some trees for the future! We’ll be posting a prize preview soon so make sure to stay on the lookout for what’s to come. We look forward to chatting with all of you!

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