Promos Done Right: Nike’s Hall of Phenomenal

Promos done right

It takes a lot of guts for any company to self proclaim their event as phenomenal, but after experiencing Nike’s Hall of Phenomenal, we have no argument. To celebrate soccer fever, Nike has aligned this event along side the World Cup schedule to launch their new products to the mass market. The World Cup sets the perfect backdrop to introduce their awesome new line of performance soccer cleats and Shoplet Promos was there to check it out!

This week long event took place on Washington and W. Houston street inside a massive event space. Nike transformed this blank canvas, which was free and open to the public, into a soccer lover’s dream.


Wrapped garage doors advertising the Nike event.


Guest first point of entry to Nike’s Hall of Phenomenal.


Rounding the hallways lined with branding.

Nike executed this event in LA, London, Dubai and Paris before hitting NYC. Around every corner, guests had the opportunity to pose, play and practice their fancy footwork all courtesy of Nike. Our first encounter was the photo wall. With the help of promo clad brand ambassadors, guests had the opportunity to take a photo backed by the campaign image titled Risk Everything. The photo keepsake was emailed to each guest at the end of the event. A genius way to make an impact, be eco-friendly and capture consumer data!


Nike brand ambassador Veronika wearing an awesome promo t-shirt at the “Risk Everything” photo op wall.

As guests navigated the event, they encountered various mannequins, which were decked out in full throttle Nike soccer gear. Almost all of the featured gear was available at the Nike retail bus, which was located right outside the event space.


Merchandise display featuring new product from Nike.

image (5)

Nike retail bus parked outside the event space.

We know that sneakers can be a work of art and Nike cleats were the center of attention in these amazing art installations.


Nike Superfly art installation.


Nike Magista Art installation.

After taking in some eye candy, guests were able to participate in various challenges and even full blown soccer matches while testing out the new Nike gear. Guests who participated in the daily team soccer matches were able to take home the borrowed Nike uniform they wore to play, as a free gift. Including the cleats! Pretty sweet!


The Magista Spider challenge where players hit moving targets that pop up on screen.


Street style soccer matches. Teams were outfitted in Nike Gear.


Team games and awesome players.


After all of the activities ended for the day, guests were invited to watch the evening’s World Cup match on big screens throughout the event space. Guests enjoyed food, drinks, soccer novelties, free Nike promotional T-shirts and American flags to get in the gaming spirit.


Guests get ready to cheer for their favorite team.

c8e4ccb4ee0beeaead1a9f77b48f7315ac8db4928d7d10c0f0e71bb6e796a1af_large fiefr_nike6_26_1426of288_931295 Nike’s Hall of Phenomenal turned out to be exactly that. Phenomenal. Nike took the opportunity to create an amazing and memorable event for soccer fans, while introducing new products relevant to that audience. With perfect timing and a clear vision of the experience they wanted to create, Nike was able to positively align itself with the World Cup excitement and execute an event that will forever remain tied to the memories of those who attended. So, there you have it folks. THAT is a promo done RIGHT!