Five Reasons Why You Should Walk Pink!



1)      Because early fall mornings are the best.

Really though. They are! I know, I know. When you first think of waking up early, it’s like “bleghhh.” But, once you’re up, you’re awake! And being awake, outside, on a nice fall ‘morn, wind tickling your face, coffee in hand…it’s all so invigorating!



2)      Because you get to spend quality time with your friends and family, or just with yourself!



Invite the people you wish to catch up with to walk with you! Walking early in the morning is a great excuse to gab about everything to the people who walk alongside you. With three plus miles to trek, you have plenty of time to sneak a good conversation in with your fellow walkers :)

And so what if you want to walk alone? Independent walkers get to participate in a cause that they care about, enjoy the morning however they please, and finish the walk at their own rate. Quality “me” time is the best time.

3)      Because you get cheered on by awesome cheerleaders.



After you hit that first half a mile, there will probably be a whole cluster of cheerleaders egging you on to make it through to the finish line. They make you feel great about being a human. It’s awesome.

4)      Because at every corner, you’ll be reminded of why you’re really there.


You’ll see people walking who have been affected by breast cancer. People will be walking in the name of someone who is struggling to defeat breast cancer; people will be walking who are in the midst of fighting their own personal battle against breast cancer; people will be walking who have survived breast cancer; and people will be walking in the name of someone who passed because of breast cancer. To see people walk together, as a team, to support research that aims to eliminate such a widespread and terrible disease will remind you of why you’re really there walking.

5)      Because you’re helping support a worthy cause.



Every year, breast cancer walks raise millions of dollars. In 2011, 1 million walkers across the country in Making Strides events alone collected more than $60 million to help fight breast cancer. This is a worthy cause and your participation counts!


Team Shoplet is proud to Walk in Making Stides’s Central Park Walk! We hope to see you there <3