Letter Writing’s Cool at JAM Paper

If you haven’t already acquainted yourself with the folks over at JAM Paper, let me introduce you! JAM Paper is a family-owned, NYC-based stationary company. I was lucky enough to converse with JAM’s digital marketing rep, Steve Levine, about JAM Paper’s background & history.


JAM Paper began as the Hudson Envelope Corporation in 1955, which sold exclusively wholesale. In 1983, JAM branched off of Hudson Envelope Corp by creating their own paper and envelope retail stores. Today, JAM hails two stores in NYC: one on third avenue (between 14th and 15th street) and another on Lexington Avenue (between 45th and 46th street).


When asked about JAM’s love of NYC, Steve explained “we believe that the city’s diverse culture is a perfect match for our diverse product line…we pride ourselves on making every product available in many sizes, styles, and colors for businesses, organizations, and individuals.”


I asked Steve about JAM’s best sellers — he directed me to these Kraft paper bag envelopes, which I found to be so totally homey and great for decorating. Apparently, they’re trending amongst those who are seeking crafty wedding stationary:


And why “JAM”??? JAM stands for Janet, Andrew, and Michael. Michael inherited Hudson Envelope from his father-in-law. His son Andrew is COO and Director of Ecommerce (he also created our website). Janet is Michael’s wife and Andrew’s mother. “We believe in being colorful, creative, and funky,” Steve proclaims, “Also, we have the largest selection of plastic envelopes in the country.” Cool!

What I love the most about JAM paper is that the company itself champions the art and values of letter writing. While emails are quick and easy, they lack that degree of charming authenticity that handwritten letters seem to naturally evoke. Not to mention, the ritual of receiving a long-awaited letter in the mail, tearing it open and reading its contents will always tickle an old soul, like myself.

The Shoplet team absolutely hearts the time and effort that anyone puts into stationary projects – be it birthday a party invitation or even just a hand-written “hello” from Rhode Island to Alabama.