Shoplet Debuts its New Green Logo!


The new Shoplet logo has arrived with a bang (!) &, in my humble opinion, it’s lookin’ cooler and brighter than ever before! Wowza ;)

A lil’ bit about our new logo: 

-Perfected in-house, Shoplet’s new logo is scripted in a customized version of the font “Futura Std.”

-Shoplet has also severed the “.com,” “,” and “.ca” additives from the logo itself to further modernize and unify the Shoplet brand.

-Dressed up in an eye-popping, catchy colored green, and featuring a leaf inside the letter “e,” Shoplet’s new logo not only grabs your attention, but also firmly pronounces the company’s aggressive push to, literally speaking, go green. 

Shoplet is thrilled to shed itself of its stodgy, (and let’s be honest) yawn-worthy red price tag logo!


The team at Shoplet agrees that Shoplet’s new logo design better markets Shoplet as the fresh-faced, forward thinking contender in the office supply industry that it is today.

In the next few days, to celebrate our brand, spankin’ new look, we plan on introducing each new letter of the Shoplet logo to you across our social media platforms…alongside some super awesome prizes and promotions ;) So, stay tuned to see what you might win!