20 Tips For Creating Dynamic Handouts

90% of your message will be forgotten 24 hours after your presentation.

Still think you don’t have the time it takes to create great handouts? The right handout package does more than keep your copier busy, it’s an encore of your presentation. Plus, with a little planning and know-how, your handouts can become tools that’ll help you reach even bigger goals!

Cardinal has the tips and tools you need to create dynamic handouts that work for YOU!

  1. Display your contact information on the outside cover of your handout where it can be found instantly.
  2. Proofread, proofread, proofread. Your credibility is at stake.
  3. Charts, graphs and diagrams are far more impactful than words.
  4. Nothing is more convincing than customer testimonials.
  5. A company overview or a biography of key executives is a great lead-in section for handouts. Remember, it’s easier for people to do business with companies they know.
  6. An official writing style guide is a good investment. Find one and use it!
  7. Try to convey the extent of a problem or the value of a solution in dollars (the universal business language). If you can’t measure it in dollars, use time or materials.
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  9. Just because YOU recognize a problem exists, doesn’t mean others do. State it clearly and objectively.
  10. List additional contacts to notify when you are not around. This shows that you and your company offer a high level of customer service.
  11. Engage your audience. Provide a deliberate spot for handwritten notes.
  12. A table of contents at the front of your handout will not only make information easy to locate, it also provides a overview of the presentation.
  13. EasyOpen binders can make loading handout binders easier and pinch-free. The rings open, close and lock instantly with just the touch of a finger. Choose ClearVue style and insert sheets in cover, spine and back to label
  14. Make handout titles and section headings more compelling by using phrases that suggest benefits rather than just words. Example: “Partnering to Grow and Profit” verses “Sales Proposal.”
  15. SpineVue® Locking Round Ring Binders have a wrap-around cover overlay that needs only one letter-size sheet of paper to label all three sides. Easy to insert with no measuring.
  16. Include at least two business cards in a “can’t miss” spot. That’s one for their Rolodex and one to stay with the handout.
  17. If your handout contains 10 pages or more, use page numbers.
  18. A handy handout will be harder to toss. Consider including a glossary of terms, a measurement guide, a helpful check list, etc.
  19. Visuals such as charts, diagrams, pictures, etc., emphasize a point much more powerfully than text alone.
  20. The outside (cover) of your handout reflects on the value of its content.