5 Reasons Why Working is Hard This Time of the Year

First of all, are those eyes creepy or what? I can’t find them for purchase anywhere but I discovered them on TecheBlog. Imagine being able to sleep while looking like you are awake! We all know this would never work. Does anyone ever feel like every time we change seasons, your mood changes? The ability to pay attention and ability stay awake becomes that much more difficult. It’s great that the leaves are changing colors and exciting holidays are on the horizon, but then there are those very things that makes working tough. Need we say more? Here are 5 reasons why working is hard this time of the year!

Number 1. Dry Skin, Dry Eyes, Dry everything.
Once they turn on the heaters, it’s over. Now your skin has to get used to a completely different climate.
Fix: Don’t run your heater to death. You can still wear a sweater and keep the heater on low. We also like to open our windows from some fresh air every once and awhile. Don’t suffocate in the dusty, dry heat! Which brings us to our next point..

Number 2. Dust everywhere.
The heaters turn on, the dust comes out. When it gets chillier outside, we all stay indoors a little more and smalls spaces just get dirtier and dirtier.
Fix: Combat the dust frequently (and grab all those germs too!) Clean off your desk once a week – including your keyboard, mouse, and phone. It’s always gross to reach for your stapler and get a hand full of dust. You can get a little microfiber dust cloth or a duster to do some quick dusting each week.

Number 3. Too many treats.
Everyone is making treats, eating treats, and talking about treats. And no one feels bad because “it’s just that time of year.”
Fix: Eat the treats, but keep a mental list of other food you’ve eaten that day. Make yourself remember to eat some fruit and veggies and all the other good stuff. You’ll find you won’t wolf down the treats if you actually ate lunch or a healthy snack before treat time.

Number 4: Too many distractions
We all have long to-do lists this time of year! Presents, parties, charitable activities, etc. It’s hard to focus on work when you know you have a million other things to do.
Fix: Prioritize the to-do list. Figure out what can be done each day. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by texts, emails, and maybe even phone calls while you are working. Realize that you don’t have to respond right way. You’re working and you’re allowed (and probably should) to hold off on responding.

Number 5: Sleepy.
All these things added together creates sleepiness. Excess heat makes you sleepy. Dustiness has a certain smell which makes me sleepy too. Treats definitely help with sleepiness, along with stress from all the things on your to-do list.
Fix: Get your sleep. Take time to rest after work or in the morning before work. Definitely take your lunch break. If you are using your lunch break to run errands, don’t stress yourself at! We’re all getting awesome at multi-tasking but eventually we’ll wear ourselves out.

Enjoy this holiday season okay?