5 Reasons Why Your Water Bottle is Lazy

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We all know drink ware is an absolute office necessity. If it weren’t for that refillable water tumbler you keep in your desk drawer, you’d probably end your work day resembling something close to a dried out prune, but watch out people! The days of donning that sad, boring bottle are now officially over! Put your water bottle to work with features that suit your busy lifestyle. Here are some cool alternatives to your conventional canteen. With these awesome options, you’ll start to think your current water bottle is lazy!

 The Water Wallet

When you go to the gym during your lunch break, odds are you would like to carry around as little as possible.  Ditch that bulky wallet and store your stuff in this awesome Contigo Kangaroo water bottle. The Kangaroo’s hidden compartment has just enough room to store all of your necessities, making it the perfect carry-all of your everyday pocket essentials, like cash and identification. It’s easy to stay hydrated and organized!


The Two Part Tumbler 

If you also use your bottle for beverages other than H2O, like smoothies or powdered protein drinks, we’re sure you know how difficult it can be to clean out all of that leftover gunk. Well, the Alex bottle has solved all your particle problems. This genius bottle design twists apart at the center for super easy cleaning. Now you can have your smoothie in the morning and gunk free water later in the day, thanks to this genius bottle design!


The Collapsible Cutie

Is that bulky, empty water bottle taking up valuable real estate in your bag, or even worse, on your desk? Then this adorable space saver is the perfect solution for you. Once you’re done quenching your thirst, just quash the Ohyo Collapsablottle down to a manageable and even pocket friendly sizes. Keep it at the office and gain valuable drawer space back with just one squish! The colors are super fun and the concept is totally practical.


 The Clean Machine.

Don’t really trust that ancient water filtration system at your office? We don’t blame you. Let’s face it, we live in a dirty world, but that doesn’t mean that your drinking water has to be. Drinking filtered water protects your body from disease and is beneficial to your overall health. The Leeds Cool Gear Filtration bottle is BPA free, and features a patented filtration system and freezer stick compartment, keeping your water cool and clean! The best part is that it’s available at Shoplet promos!

leeds The Compact Carbonator

Sometimes you just need a little fizz in your life. The Pat’s Backcountry Carbonating water bottle will give you just that. Turn ordinary flat water into bubbly goodness with just a few pumps of the eco2activator handle. Add some ginger to create a ginger ale or try some lemon for a zesty club soda kick. Creating your own soda is much healthier than opting for conventional canned sodas. Who knows what kind of ingredients are in that can or how long it has been sitting on the store shelf?  Instead, have some fun and try making your own fresh sodas to spice up your lunch break.


The Vita Bottle

Soon, you will no longer be a victim of the office cold! The instant you hear that coworker in the cubicle across from you cough, just grab a bottle of The Magic. All you have to do is press down the cap to release a dose of your choice vitamin supplement into your water. This concept comes from PXD UX Labs, whose design was inspired by making the process of supplementing easier and more streamlined. The cap features a hidden refillable compartment, allowing you to add vitamins, flavors or medicines to your water. The days of spreading the office cold will soon be over once this nifty bottle hits the stores.



 The Edible Bottle

Move over plastic! Make way for the Ooho, the edible water bottle. No, we’re not kidding. This biodegradable and edible membrane, made from brown algae, is completely safe and effectively holds, you guessed it, WATER! Ooho was developed by 3 London-based design students, who were the 2014 winners of the Lexus design awards. The concept bottle was created in the pursuit of sustainability, durability and cost effectiveness. When compared to traditional bottles, this membrane only costs 2 cents to make and is completely biodegradable. If you’re not quite ready to embrace this little goober, don’t worry.  It’s still in its concept phase and has yet to hit mainstream retail stores.

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Which of these water bottles are your favorite? Leave a comment below and let us know!