better posture at work

Every few weeks it’s something new. One week it will be feeling guilty about eating too much candy, another week I will be going to bed too late, and the past few weeks – it’s been all about feeling guilty about my bad posture. When you work on a computer all day, it’s really easy to start slouching. Depending on the height of your monitor and your chair, it can be more comfortable to slouch to be at the right height. So, let’s all make the goal to have better posture in the new year (because I literally feel like I’m shrinking. Didn’t I used to be almost 5’8″??) Here’s some things you can do:

-Stand tall. Keep your chin parallel to the ground. Don’t round your shoulders or throw them back. Avoid locking your knees and pointing your toes in or out.
-Use a chair with lumbar support, or put a cushion or rolled-up towel behind the small of your back.
-Two inches of air should be between the seat and the backs of your knees.
-Pull your seat in so that you don’t have to lean forward.
-Draw it in. Pull in your abdominal muscles as if you’re zipping up a tight pair of jeans.
-Stay centered. Hold your head straight and your shoulders back. Try to keep symmetry between the left and right sides of your body.
-Make it easy to succeed. A desk that’s too high, a sagging mattress, a chair or pair of shoes that don’t fit you correctly: All of these can contribute to poor posture. Surround yourself with things that support your body.
-Watch your weight. Carrying extra weight can cause the spine to weaken and the body to become off center, especially when the weight is in the abdominal area.
-Chew gum while you walk!
-Walk with your chin held up. Remember those old movies where the women practiced walking with a book on their head to get better posture. They were onto something. It is important to remember to keep your chin up and your back straight as you walk.

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Any tips you would suggest?