5 Companies with Kid-Friendly Offices

As office employees with our own growing families, we understand what it’s like to balance workplace responsibilities and family commitments. This has never been more true, when one of our very own Shopletters became a first-time mother late last year. She was blessed with an adorable rapidly growing little girl and within no time, had resumed to work. And while certain understandable circumstances do come into play every now and then, this Shopletter has continued to be a vital player in our team.

That led us to thinking, wouldn’t it be awesome if we had a kid-proof play area or even a pet-friendly breakroom in the office? (Cough, cough, in case the bossman is reading this!) The idea of playing with a little toddler seems like a great break to us, and it may even help improve our workplace productivity, knowing that our precious baby is safe with us in the office. While Shoplet may be working on that, this week we decided to roundup a couple of great companies that offer kid-friendly offices for their employees! Yes, they exist, take a look!

Another way to balance work and family is working remotely. If you’re currently working in one of these fields, transitioning your role into a remote career is possible!