The Cutest Office Dogs Ever

Does it break your heart to leave your furry friend home alone all day while you go to work? We totally feel your pain, but there’s good news. More and more employers are allowing their staff to bring their dogs to work, and not just because doggies are the absolute cutest. Studies now show they are super beneficial for office morale. Fast Company reports, ” Pet-friendly offices are a growing trend, and for good reason. Allowing furry pals into the workplace can be beneficial to a company’s bottom line, boosting morale and productivity, and even attracting customers.” The moral of the story is that dogs can earn their keep too!

Many business owners are heeding this advice and turning to their local animal shelters to adopt into their families. Many office’s these days have an office dog too. Maybe the office dog belongs to the VP of your department or even the CEO. Maybe you’re even allowed to bring your own dog into work which is suuuuper sweet! We scoured the interned and are bringing you the cutest office dogs ever!

  1. This office pup is living the life!103081244-GettyImages-522796761.1910x1000
  2. This little cutie would make the perfect lap companion while working on reports.3036632-poster-p-1-enter-americas-best-office-dog-competition-right-now
  3. Banksey the grumpy dog gets cozy with a customer service rep.
    banksy-the-support-pug-with-mark Clio
  4. This New York native calls ModCloth his home.Winston Modcloth
  5. Jobvite’s office dog, Pancake, saves the day with this cute little cape!
    Pancake from jobvite
  6. Kurgo offices were crowned Most Dog Friendly last year. WOOF!Kurgo worlds most dog friendly office
  7. TapSense’s Suri is ready for her meeting!
    Suri TapSense
  8. How can you say no to this Google pooch. You want our lunch? It’s yours!Google's office dog
  9. And finally, the winner of the 2016 StartPup contest… (drumroll please) Amelie from Rooster Punk UK!