Essential Small Business Sources

Small business these days is abound with opportunities. Corporations are loosing its hold on America. Their staggering size is becoming disadvantageous in this lightening speed era whose mantra is act fast, act smart, or die. Our advance in information technology has proved quite disruptive culturally as it proceeded to rapidly evolve consumer taste and create new consumer paradigm. It’s becoming harder for corporate America to cater to this constant thirst for mass innovation. It’s the small businesses and everyday entrepreneurs that have competitive advantage these days to cater to niche markets with specific needs. If you are someone who is thinking about starting a small business, someone who would like to start a small business, or someone who currently runs a small business but is looking for ways of energizing your business, I have compiled some sources that I hope may be of interest to you in aiding whatever business venture you choose to partake in.

Getting started and inspired: if you need something to get started, hope these may be of help.

Innovation Series: From CNBC, these series of videos, downloadable in podcast form, investigate the inner workings of the very essence of the thing that makes or breaks companies- innovation. The series’ insightful researches and conversations with top CEOs of innovative companies will be sure to inspire the squarest individuals to think outside the boundary.

SBA: your 1st step if you are considering small business would be to head over to Small Business Association, there is myriad of resources, research, guidelines, and everything else you need to know about starting a small business.

Score: provide some of the most easy to use, comprehensive guides and tools for America’s Small Businesses

Escape From Corporate America: this blog/book provides you with the resources you need to escape from your current job, and become the business wo(men) of your dreams.

Positive sharing: the chief happiness officer provides lots of sound advice for workplace issues, which may help you alleviate certain stress before you choose to venture out on your own.

Shifting Careers: explores interesting ways people are custom- blending their careers to reflect interests in both entrepreneurial spirit as well as corporate America, from the New York Times.

Innovation, Creativity & Buzz:  the following resources will be sure to provide you with the creative juice you need to stay ahead of the competitive curve.

Buzzwatch: what’s everyone is buzzing about according to the Wall Street Journal.

Independent Street: News, trends, tidbits and tools for and about entrepreneurs from the Wall Street Journal.

Bits: bite size of the intertwining sections of all things business, tech and society, from the New York Times.

All Things Digital: the name can’t say it better, all things digital and explained from long time famed technophile such as Walt Mossberg.

WIRED blogs: the go to source for all things innovative, so you are completely wired to the core.

The New Entrepreneur: BusinessWeek attempts to capture the zeitgeist of entrepreneurship in this new age economy.

Next: insights on innovative tool and trends of the next possible revolution.

Nussbaum On Design: managing editor of BusinessWeek discusses design.

InventorSpot: One of my favorite blogs that I can definitely depend on to get my daily dose of inventiveness.                               

ThinkSimpleNow: Albeit not an entire blog dedicated to innovation, a lot of this wonderful site’s posts concentrate on sound insights and advices for self-improvement for all realms of development that will ultimately lead you to your innovative self.

Branding & Marketing & the Internet advantage:  the leveling factor between small businesses and corporate America can all be attributed to the internet, for various purposes such as marketing, branding, outsource, etc. So one of the best things a small business can do for itself is to take advantage of the internet to its fullest. Below are some resources to get you started on the various aspects of internet operations such as design, branding, marketing, search, etc.

A List Apart:  one of the best comprehensive blogs out there for all things web design related.

Web Designer Wall: A wall of design ideas, web trends, and tutorials.

Seth Godin’s Blog: some of the best advice all around on the subject matter of branding, marketing, SEO. The writings are very enjoyable as well.

Seobook: one of the best in the search industry, aaron wall is the go to guy for everything search.

copyblogger: all about copy writing for the web.

Dosh Dosh: offer good as well as alternative internet marketing and blogging discussion, where everyone has very attractive anime profile. everything about advertisement, the good, the bad, the ugly.

How to Change the World: Guy Kawasaki’s musings on state of various things in the world, known for his marketing prowess.

Dear readers, what other sources would you put on this list?

Please be sure to check back as I incorporate essential resources for investing, small business finance, tax & accounting, and legal issues.