How to Keep Your Wellness Resolutions at Work

It’s hard to stick to your New Year’s health and wellness resolutions, especially at the office. There’s something about sitting in front of a computer screen that just makes you wanna veg out, like, all day long! Not to mention all that sitting can definitely zap you of your motivation to make use of that gym membership you promised yourself you’d use this year. The hardest part about keeping any promise we make to ourselves is overcoming the demons in our own head.

Next comes making the necessary changes for success and sticking to them. We’re going to share with you some basic office hacks and some helpful mental tricks that will help to keep you inspired and motivated while at work.

woman stretching in the office
If You Have Fitness Goals:

They say the hardest part about about going to the gym is actually getting your lazy butt to go to the gym. This couldn’t be more true. Think about it. Once you walk through those gym doors and get suited up, are you suddenly going to decide that you don’t feel like working out today, change back and leave? Probably not, unless you have a very compelling and valid reason. It simply makes no sense! Your mind defaults to the reality that you’re already there and resolves to go forward with your workout to maximize the effort already invested. You know, the energy you expended walking in the door in the first place. Take advantage of your brain’s logic center. Here are a few tricks that work for some of us here at the office.

  1. Just get up and go. – We know it sounds overly simplified, but that’s all there really is to it. Stop thinking about it so much, grab your bag and head out of the door. By doing this you have already won half of the battle.
  2. Set a specific time each day to just get up and go. – The marketing team here at Shoplet religiously goes to the gym from 3-4pm sharp each day. Team members use their lunch breaks to get in some much needed exercise after hours spent sitting.  “We order our lunch in and eat at our desks,” says one of our marketing members. “This allows us to use our valuable break time to do something more productive, like burn some calories.” We know that not everyone has the luxury of using their lunch breaks to work out, but there are many ways you can schedule in time to exercise. Get creative with how you use your time and make your health a priority.
  3. Get yourself a fresh set of duds. – New year, new gym clothes. Fresh workout gear can definitely reinvigorate your desire to hit the gym. Make sure you pick something you really love and can perform well in. Setting yourself up for daily workout excitement is always a good start.

4. Be ok working out solo. – We’ve seen lots of articles stating that it’s best to have a workout buddy to stay motivated. The problem with this is that when a friend begins to drop off the gym bandwagon, you start to feel completely awkward going at it alone. This leads to you falling through on your own New Year’s resolutions. Use your workout time as YOU time. This time is for you to spend doing something that is just for you and no one else. It’s very liberating when you don’t have to depend on others to make the changes you want in your life. If you happen upon a great group of workout buddies then by all means go for it, but they should be a bonus to your workout. Not the reason.

If You Have Dietary Goals:

Snacking while at work is perfectly fine as long as you are snacking on foods that nourish your body and contribute to good health. Are you guilty of stashing cookies, high sugar granola bars or even candies in your desk drawer? It’s time to overhaul your snack situation.

  1. Clean out your personal snack drawer. – Let go of unhealthy snacks by donating them to the office break room or common area.  Keeping junk food at your desk only encourages bad eating habits. You might also want to take a second look at the foods you thought were healthy, like granola bars and some diet foods. There are many granola brands that pack on the sugar, making them less that healthy. There are also diet products that use sugar substitutes that are not so great for your health either. Time to cut the sugar cord!

2. Portion out your snacks in containers. – A great way to ensure you always have some healthy snacks handy is to pack fresh fruits and veggies in small tupperware containers for each day you’re at work. Dedicate 10 minutes on a Sunday night to chop and wash fresh fruits and veggies to take to work come Monday. Store them in the break room fridge with your name on it. This is a great way to keep an eye on your portions and always ensures you have something handy to munch on when you get hungry. At the end of the week, bring home your containers to wash and start all over again.

3. Lazy snacking. – If food prep just isn’t your thing, the next best thing is to bring fruits and veggies that don’t require any prep whatsoever. Stick to foods that have their own protective skins like oranges, clementines, grapefruit, apples, pears, bananas, avocado or anything else that’s self contained. You can keep a cute little fruit basket at your desk for super handy snacking.

If You Have Emotional and Mental Wellness Goals:

Being happier at work takes effort. A good way to start is to gift yourself a clean slate and remove anything that doesn’t suit you in the new year. Take a look at your cubicle or desk. Is there anything there that no longer serves you? Marie Kondo, author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” has a wonderful way of approaching decluttering any space. She says, “a dramatic reorganization of the home causes correspondingly dramatic changes in lifestyle and perspective.” This applies to virtually any space.

  1. Desk overhaul. – To keep or not to keep, that is the question. Take a look around your desk and ask yourself this one question. Does this item bring me joy? If the answer is no, toss it. if the answer is yes, keep it. You’ll be surprised by how much better you’ll feel getting rid of old papers, greeting cards, and overall desk junk. You’ll also free up sooo much space. With all of that free space, you’ll be able to reimagine your desk and make it a place that truly make you feel happy, motivated or productive.
  2. Create a zen workspace. – A picture of a loved one. A favorite inspirational quote. Adding some  much needed greenery.  After getting rid of old baggage, add some personal touches to your desk to make it feel more welcoming and a workspace that’s conducive to productivity and creativity. This might be a good time to feng shui your desk space too. Only keep items on your desktop that are vital to every day operations. This reduces visual clutter and helps you stay focused.

3. Don’t forget your physical health. – Once you have a vision for your new workspace, make sure to select products that promote a healthy work ethic. This can include monitor risers, ergonomic mice and keyboards, back supports, foot rests and more. We also recommend a sit to stand workstation so that you can vary your position while working. Not only does having the option to stand while working benefit your health, it also benefits productivity and overall mood. 87% of workers who use standing desks reported increased vigor and energy throughout the day.


We know it’s not easy, but making your health a priority not only benefits you, but the people around you who care. When we factor in friends, family and loved ones, we realize that the health of our mind and bodies aren’t just our own to contend with. Our wellbeing effects everyone who cares about us. This year, take care of yourself for you and for the ones who love you. You can do it! Have any wellness hacks that have worked for you? Share you tips with us! Happy New Year everyone! Go team go!