How to Squeeze More Hours Out of Your Day

more hours
Well, if you are someone who is feeling overwhelmed by your job, feeling that your work has snowballed into a bottomless vacuum that just sucks away all your available time and energy, well, don’t worry, you are not alone You are among 88% of the American workforce that have difficult time juggling between life and work. Working more is not always more. Rather, working more often times can contribute to decrease in productivity, general happiness, and your all around well being. Working more can often times contribute to the opposite intention of what you aimed to achieve in the first place. Working more is often times less. Having the time each day to celebrate your values and the core of your happiness is just as important to your productivity as any. Here are some of my tips for managing my daily activity that I would like to share with you to seemingly squeeze more hours out of my days for life, which ultimately makes me a happier, and more productive contributing member of our society.

Wake up early, to reflect, imagine, and structure your day

Mornings are my favorite time of the day. Especially in a city that never sleeps, during the wee hours of the morning, New York Citysoftly drifts into a lazy stupor before jolting back into its energetic pace. I love waking up early to the quietness of the morning to get ready for the day. I use the serenity of the morning hours to reflect upon what I have to do, this technique really helps me in executing later on during the day as I have already envisioned what I have to do, thus making execution easier and speedier. Getting an early start in the morning really helps me in structuring my time better, which actually frees up a nice chunk of mind space and time during the end of the day for some quality me time.

I have a few ‘days’ in my day, what about you?

This is something I do which I find to be extremely useful. Sometimes when I am pressed for time, I like to imagine each of my day as consisting of as many mini ‘days’ as I need. Each mini day has its own beginning, and ending. Each mini day has its own agenda I need to fulfill by the end of the day. Each mini day also ends with me taking a break where I attempt to recall the peacefulness and restorative power of deep sleep. Most importantly, I try to greet the beginning of each one of my miniature days with cheerfulness and vigor as I would for a real day.

Turn off your crackberry, and connect with people!

Turn off you electronic devices! You may think your crackberry, your laptop, your flat screen tv is contributing to your productivity and your sanity by hyper connecting you to the rest of the world in the name of speed and efficiency, when the truth is that information begets information ( not necessarily the good kind either ), and tasks begets more tasks. Your mind space and your perception of time does not increase with speedier gadgets and information overload, rather, all digital age ever did was tiring you out to the point where you think perpetual mental fatigue is deservedly normal, and make you perceive there is less hours in the day then there actually is. If you feel there is not enough hours in your days for life. Turn off your gateway to information, clear your cluttered mind space, focus on the few hours in the day that you do have, spend those time wisely. Eat, love, and make merry with the important people in your life. I guarantee you will feel drastically refreshed, and you have gotten a lot more out of those few valuable hours left at the end of each day!

So, now you have read my techniques, dear readers, what is your tactic for getting more out of your daily routine?

  • “…New York Citysoftly drifts into …”

    I agree, with you. For example, I too like to think about the day ahead, just when I wake up in the morning. Also, positive affirmations, just before bed time have helped me a lot.

    I’m not a big fan of electronic gadgets and I try not to focus on things which I have to do. I focus on the thing I’m doing right now and that helps me manage my time better and also helps me be more productive and have more done in less time.