Introducing the Print Hammermill App!

Hammermill recently launched its newest application for Apple & Android devices: with the new Print Hammermill™ app, anyone can print from their mobile devices to wireless printers. Printing at home or on-the-go is now just a click away– how neat!

But just WHY should you care about this app? I mean, like, how often are you actually going to use it? To banish yourself of any doubts, just watch this video (because I’m at least 95% certain that you’ve been in a printing crisis similar to this one!):


What’s more? For a limited time, in celebration of the new new year, the Print Hammermill™ app (valued at $12.95) will be available for FREE (yessss)! Just go to iTunes or the Google Play store on your device, search for “Print Hammermill,” and download your app!


And watch this video to learn the basics of Print Hammermill. Easy peasy, printing’s [now] a breezy!

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