Office Futurism

What do you envision in an office space in 10 years? It is one of those questions that give you goosebumps, isn’t it?
Here are four nifty items that may give you some insight.

iPod Nano Tie

Apple has made a few attempts in intergrating iPods with fashion. Their strategy is rather marketing-incline than subtlety; they want people to wear an iPod as an accessory. While the delicatly designed iPod looks as good as it is sitting on a desk as a talisman of industrial design, it may not necessarily look good with a Michael Kors watch or a Ben Sherman shirt. A British company came up with a tie that hides your iPod Nano. Flip over the tie, you will see 2 loops that help to hide the wire hanging off your iPod Nano and an extra flap of fabric that serves as a pocket to your iPod. The tie came in navy, red and pink and it is made of 100% silk. Steve Jobs may be an expert in computer products, but when it comes to fashion advice, you go to someone like Carson Kressley.

Your Personal Massues in Your Office

Spa Head Massager in your office

Spa Head Massager in your office

Borg Queen

One night, you are at your office; over time; on a deadline; don’t you wish there was someone who can give you a massage? One of the 2008 new invention is this Head Spa Massager. The moment you put on this device, it simulates thousands of little fingers massaging your scalp. Despite it’s ‘futuristic’ and interesting design, it is sold at an affordable price. The device uses a rechagrable battery and is fairly easy to carry with you. If you feel such an intense need that you need a personal masseuse in your office, this is probably a good option besides the fact that you are going to look lke the Borg Queen…

Portable Office Work Station

Portable Office Workstation - Contracted

Portable Office Workstation - Extended

Portable Office Workstation

I am a transformer fan, which explains why I find this Portable Office fascinating. This giant box looks like nothing but a decoration when it is condensed, it is in fact not one but two office spaces when extended. It includes 2 desks, outlets and a tone of storage space. It also has a handle and weels underneath it for mobility. Imagine the flexibility this invention can offer an office space. Would not it be cool if we use these things instead of cubicles?

Robo Receptionist.

The final object that will most likely be implemented in an office space in countable years is possibly an android – a robot that look just like us human. Believe it or not, without make a big deal out of it, androids are being developed all over the world. One of the famous projects belongs to Kokoro, a Japanese company that specializes in anamotronics and robotics. Kokoro has came up with a few versions of female androids. They are all so advance at a point where they understands basic commands and interact with human beings. It has been announced and demonstrated that the female androids developed by Kokoro are capable of fulfilling receptionists positions. Androids are definitely the most fascinating invention and ought to be paid more attention to.

Android Receptionist