Office Leisure Reads

Dear readers, if you enjoy reading the Shoplet blog. Here are some other blogs we found that you may want to take a look at in your spare time that explores, explains, and expounds office supply, office humor, office dynamic, or other office related subjects of similar nature.

Office Snapshots show you the inside of the offices you only wish you work at, especially if you have high level of involvement with the following terms,, SMM, Open Source, 01s, well, you get the drift.

Happiness is truly 9 to 5, according to CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) Alexander Kjerulf. Contained within his blog are insightful tidbits to turn that frown upside down, especially during working hours.

In the style of our beloved gadget/shiny-object guides, Engadget & Gizmodo, but specifically for those Officially challenged. Haha, get it? Pronounced Office-ially challenged.

Good for some quite inspiring Office pranks, jokes, news, videos, and other work distractions.

Get your inner office freak on with this blog.

Wonderful tips for something that many people struggle with, getting organized!

These are only the few websites among many we came across on office related subjects. Please feel free to email us with more links to be put on this list if you feel we are leaving out a few!