Office Scribe Favorites

{Welcome to our new series where we are asking office bloggers to tell us their favorite office supplies!}

Asleep Under My Desk – A place where I can make you feel what it is like to work in an office, whether you want to or not.

Work situation
I work in a cubicle, in an office, in an office building, in an office park. And when I get home, I blog. Assuming that something interesting happened that day. Otherwise I do the same thing I do every night, try to take over the world. (Please let someone out there be a Pinky & The Brain fan…)

Ideal work situation
Choice #1 – Working from home. And by home I mean writing million dollar screenplays with my Mac on the deck of my Malibu beach house.
Choice #2 – Opening my own bakery where I would specialize in cakes without writing on them.
Choice #3 – Sitting front row with the rest of the cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

10 favorite office supplies

1. TUL Retractable Gel Pen – The smoothest pen you ever own, and if you only use the purple like I do, then everyone will be able to identify your work.
2. Elmers Washable School Glue Sticks – You know, the kind that are purple so you can see where you applied the glue.
3. Post It Notes – Seriously, in any shade and in any size, I don’t think any office could survive without these little pieces of heaven.
4. Sharpie Markers – The only marker I ever use
5. Highlighters – I have to have them in at least 5 colors, as I use them to color code everything I work on. My paperwork sometimes looks like a rainbow threw up on it.
6. Calculator – Sure, there is one on my cellphone, but when I am trying to figure out the percentage of weight I have lost during the departments Biggest Loser Challenge, it’s so much easier to use a real one.
7. Label Maker – My office won’t give me one because I think someone told them that I have broken 2 of them at home from overuse. OCD at its best.
8. Nalgene Bottle – Sure, it is not a typical office supply, but offices are really dry and I need to stay hydrated. (And have an excuse to escape to the bathroom when things get dicey).
9. Steno Pads – Antiquated? Absolutely. They make me feel like I am on an episode of “Mad Men”.
10. Garbage Can – I use it to prop my feet up and look chill, even when work is driving me mad.

Favorite work lunch

Cold lasagna. You know, really dense cheesy stuff left over from the night before. I prefer to eat it cold because it I like my cheese congealed. (Close Second – Sierra Turkey sandwich with iced tea from Panera).

Normal work attire

I am a fan of anything sold out of the Eddie Bauer catalog. They bootcut cords and ripstop cargo pants are pretty much the only thing I wear. For shirts, I like v-necks because they fit me well and wen I look down I see my cleavage. And 90% of the time on my feet I have one of two pair of Doc Martens which I have owned since 1998 (my sophomore year of high school).

Anything you want to add?
Working in an office gets a bad rap, but it shouldn’t. Sure the chairs are uncomfortable and the cubicles remind me of being in a padded room 8 hours a day, but I work with some really great people. And those great people provide me fodder for my blog, and sometimes my Twitter feed (@TheOfficeScribe).

{Interviewer’s Note, here are some of my favorite quotes pulled from Asleep From my Desk:

Holy crap that new highlighter is pink. I bet that’s what Barbie’s blood looks like.
It is my fault the candy dish is full. It is not my fault that you are eating the candy.
If anyone in my office ever decides to go postal, I am putting big money on it being a printer related rampage.}

  • FIRST!

    No, but seriously, all douchebaggery aside, I am totally honored that you asked me about office supplies. Because as we all know, if we didn’t have office supplies memos wouldn’t get written. And how can we live in a world without memos?

    HOW I ASK YOU! HOW!?!?!?