Office Space of Creative People

Have you ever wondered what office space of creative people looks like? Is there something in particular that is drastically different in the work space of people of uber creative nature that lend itself to the bubbling of stream of inventiveness? Does the use of particular office furniture inspire the brain to insightful thinking? This week, I came across some images, courtesy of pingmag, that showed the office environment of some creative individuals ranging from designer, to artists, to editors, to film makers. For more sources for blogs dedicated to creativity, click here.

Companion Collectibles
Having enjoyable, fun, playful, and colorful figurines might help someone reach their creative voice, as they have imaginary play dialogues with their favorite figurines. This is the office of an illustrator in U.K.

Clean Desk
This, clean, minimal desk, without the clutter and reminders of nostalgic objects, is able to lead to clean, clear, and fresh thinking. Sometimes the best way to creativity, is to start from nothing. This office desk belongs to art director in Sheffield, UK.

Destruction is the Source of Creation
This is the desk of an editor in Tokyo Japan. It is often true we find source of inspirations in random patterns in mess. Without messing things up, how can we then reconstruct everything back together in new ways?

Creative Office Tools of the Trade
What can I say, the essential tools of all creative individuals are x-acto knife, cutting mat, drawing paper, and drawing crayons. With these essentials, you are guaranteed to find the creative voice within. This is the desk of an artist in U.K.

Long Desk for Creativity
Creative people like to make a mess, and spread as they are making a mess as well. A large and long desk really might help someone spread their creative imagination. This is the desk of an art director in Japan.

fun office wall

Inspiration Mood Wall
Inspiration mood wall is a must for creative individuals, it sets the tone for their creations. This is the office of a visual artist in the Netherlands.

What kind of office space do you have that helps you create? What do you think is the essentials of a creative office ? send in comments or photos, or anything else you think might be helpful.

  • Love this post i personally have to have a messy desk full of half read things to create a creative vibe.

  • I was very pleased to find this site.I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

  • I have always wanted to have a clean desk. Not only that you can find what your looking for easily, it also makes you feel relax.

  • Oh my God! This is crazzzzy! But I love the concept alot.

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  • Thank you for this post..

  • Very nice and cool offices job..

    Thank you for posting of this stuff.

  • i like the Clean Desk type. I can work efficiently and faster with a clean surrounding.

    Nice post.

  • Great collection…thanks for sharing…

  • What a fantastic array of images! However, managing a clean desk might be tricky, especially if you have to manage two desks – one at work (in the office) and one at home. While inspiration mood wall might be an accent wall in a home setting, it probably would not be suitable for a corporate environment.

  • I wondered what office space of blogger….hmmm…

  • I redesign my desk soon.. thanks for that pic.

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  • Creative individuals need to express themselves. Environments that further their creativity only have positive effects.

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  • I am with ya on that one. People must totally be grossed out that my shoes are off feet near my hands.. oh well.

  • RPO

    I am unable to sit at a desk.I have to be comfortable. Although a desk does give me motivation. So when at a desk my shoes are off and sitting Indian style. haha

  • My desk isn’t all that long but is L shaped. I keep my computer on one half and small piles of paper on the other side. I wouldn’t really call it organized but you have to have a system right?

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  • I saw the stay puff marshmallow man in that first picture! lol

    I wish i had that long desk.

  • Inspirational Indeed !

    i actually think comfort is the essence of the inspiration, and the idea of comfort is rather unique for each individual.