Protect Your Checks From Check Washing

The first time I had ever seen or heard anything about check washing was in the movie Catch Me if You Can. I remember being amazed at how genius he was and how easy it seemed to wipe a check clean and write in whatever you want. We carry a lot of check safe pens which I’ve learned about but never really worried about purchasing until I saw this video on youtube:

Wow! I learned a lot about the difference between dye basked inks and pigment based inks. And of course I had to try this out for myself (see pic at the top.) You can see the blue bic pen ink coming off the check but to be honest, it never came off all the way. I used nail polish remover at my house which may not work quite as well as pure acetone but it still took off a good amount of ink.

I’m thinking today that maybe we should all be a little more aware about what ink we use to sign important documents and fill out little birthday checks. Research the pens you use to see if they are check safe and check out our selection of check safe pens on our website.

Has anyone had this happen to them? (hopefully not!)