Yummy Office Lunch and Lunch Container Ideas

Last week we hosted a Omaha Steak Gift Certificate Giveaway from Pentel (sorry it’s over!) We asked all those who entered to tell us their favorite work lunch and we had some great responses. To be honest, the entry rules were somewhat inspired by the fact that I never know what to eat for lunch! I needed some new good ideas and I definitely got some. Here are 4 of my favorite lunch ideas from our readers:

1. Soft or Hard Shell Tacos

@sundonja says “Work in one hand, eat in another!” I’m a pretty big taco fan because tacos can be stuffed with lots of fresh, yummy veggies and each bite tastes different! The best chain restaurant tacos I’ve ever had come from Chipotle.

2. Bagel & Cream Cheese with Fresh Veggies

@tannawings says “My fav work sandwich right now is -toasted bagel with cream cheese topped with garden grown sliced tomatoes! add salt and pepper!” There is nothing like the crunch of fresh veggies mixed with the smoothness of cream cheese. Here’s a little recipe from Real Simple in case you need one to remember the 4 ingredients you need!

3. Spinach and Strawberry Salad

@TippyToeMom says “My favorite lunch is that spinach salad with pecan crusted chicken breast and strawberries!” Here is an easy recipe from Closet Cooking that you could easily add chicken to or do without! If you make the salad and keep the dressing separate, you could potentially take this to work a few days in a row. Salad with the dressing already added tends to get very soggy very quickly.

4. Leftover Pizza
One of our blog readers commented with the idea of leftover pizza. “It’s always better the next day” I agree with this statement in the sense that the second day of pizza is a completely different type of meal. When you order pizza and eat it that night, it’s hot and makes you sleepy and full. The next day is usually cold and just tastes delicious in a totally different way.
Here’s a great post dedicated to leftover pizza and garlic bread! Mmm. So maybe not the most healthy lunch but if you are actually taking it to work, just grab one or two slices and some veggies and you won’t feel guilty at all.

One of the biggest problems about taking your lunch to work is waste (I think) You’re always bagging up a little bag of carrots and a little bag of chips and a little bag of strawberries. So many bags everyday!

Here are 3 Reusable Lunch items that will cut down on the waste: (found at The Paper Source Blog)

Reusable snack bags

The Amy Rupple Travel Bowl and Travel Thermos.

Enjoy your lunch break today!