Mark Your Favorites with Tape Flags

I was at Urban Outfitters today and found some Get the Hint Tags for 2 bucks. We all know how much I love paper that sticks to things so I bought them. Sadly, there is something funny about them. The sticky stuff is on the wrong side! To mark drawings I like in my notebook, I have to turn it upside down. The big success are my Japanese Fashion Magazines that are read the opposite way. They are a pretty fun way to mark outfits that are a definite YES, you kind of LIKE, or a MAYBE. I also have NO and DISLIKE tags but I’m not sure what I will do with those yet. They seem kind of mean.

Obviously, you don’t have to have these sticky tags to bookmark things you like (they don’t sell these anymore and the other ones from the brand “Get the Hint” are a little too obscene for my taste). There are tons of different tape flags out there to choose from. I actually got this idea from the manager of a costume rental shop who marked the pages in magazines where stylists had used their stuff. I know it’s a simple idea but it will really help you to bookmark and remember ideas.