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Bankers Box Storage Box

It’s a fast-paced world. Most people have too much to do and very little time to accomplish it, whether they are CEOs or soccer moms. This is why so many people still struggle to get their offices, cubicles, and storage rooms organized. So what’s the cure for too much clutter? Storage solutions that work in your available workspace!

Since the most common symptom of disorganization involves piles of paper files, the best approach is to look for alternative ways of storing the information you need to keep. Instead of stuffing files into letter trays or stacking them in a corner on your desktop, try a versatile drawer system or box shelving system from Bankers Box®.

With either of these “vertical” options, you can stack and store a lot of records in a small space. Additionally, files stay neatly stored so your home office or professional workspace looks clean and clutter-free. Choose the right Bankers Box® storage solution by considering your accessibility needs:

1. When you need to store files you refer to frequently, your best choice is the STAXONSTEEL® Storage Drawer System:

Need Solution
Built to Last STAXONSTEEL® Storage Drawers feature a dependable steel framework that interlocks vertically and horizontally – this system can withstand the heaviest day-to-day usage!
Reduce Cost STAXONSTEEL® Storage Drawers stack vertically to maximize floor space with minimal investment. This is important, as floor space is likely the largest part of your on-site storage costs.

2. When you need to store files you refer to infrequently, your best choice is a STAX CUBE Shelving System with R-KIVE® Storage Boxes:

Need Solution
Just insert R-KIVE® Storage Boxes from the front or back of the STAX CUBES to convert storage boxes into a drawer system – it’s the perfect way to store full boxes on-site without losing access to files!
Strong Support STAX CUBES feature an interlocking framework with steel supports inside each cube for lasting strength and stability.R-KIVE® Storage Boxes with multi-layered construction offers up to 85% more stacking strength than basic letter/legal boxes.
Reduce Cost Consider keeping your records on-site for the first 2-3 years you retain them with STAX CUBES and R-KIVE® Storage Boxes. Since 95% of records activity occurs within the first 3 years, you’ll reduce off-site storage and retrieval costs.

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