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ProfessionGal is the candy to your desk snack drawer, the sweetener to your coffee break and your go-to gal pal in the office on all things career-centric.

It covers a variety of topics relating to the young, working-girl lifestyle from positive Monday Mantras that motivate readers throughout the week ( how could local restaurant specials for National Chocolate Cake day NOT motivate you?) to Friday Desk Distractions that aid procrastination and a much-needed break in the day (enter viral videos). Hump Day Treats are also featured, discussing career tips, fashion, pop culture, office décor, food and travel and the daily issues and episodes we all, as career women, experience.

Lastly, it includes a guest blog called Mensights that is updated bi-weekly and written by the master of the male working mind known as Your Resident Office Dude (a.k.a. my boyfriend whom I met at work and still work with to this day). He gives girls insight into the minds of their male colleagues, along with his take on every-day (sometimes awkward and hysterical) office situations.

Work situation
I work for a PR firm in downtown Dallas with cubes as far as the eye can see. After running around in heels from nine to five (let’s be serious – in PR you’re looking at more of a 10-hour work day on average), I go home to transform into my blogger alter-ego, ProfessionGal, come night fall.

Ideal work situation
I really enjoy working in a bustling office space for a change of scenery and a chance to work with coworkers collaboratively and creatively in person even though most of my work could easily be done online in my pjs. I still place much emphasis on a comfortable and functional working space at home, though it can be difficult to find the room in a one-bedroom apartment. ;)
I think as I move into the later stage of my life and career (i.e. motherhood and hopefully, dreaming big, a business or publication of my own), I’ll want to create a big girl home office that involves an entire room, not a just a corner in my living room. ;)

10 favorite office supplies
Let me start off by saying that I am deeply and madly in love with office supplies. In fact, when I landed my first job right out of college, I jumped for joy mostly because it gave me an excuse to go shopping for new office toys. ☺ Among my favorites (ranked according to passion) are:
1. Planners ( I consider my agenda to be my first love. See my blog post – item number nine – on it here)
2. Good, black ball-point pen (not felt – bleeds onto other documents and smears too easily after taking notes in a notebook or writing a client thank-you card)
3. Nice, slick professional notebook with attached pen holder for client meetings
4. Stylish laptop bag
5. Cute business card holder for my desk and purse
6. Large wall calendar
7. Post-its
8. Erase boards (for my ever-changing to-do lists and brainstorm meetings)
9. Frames/bulletin boards for receipts, photos, invitations, cards and reminders
10. Tie between highlighters (I like to color code to-do lists and calendar events) and accessories that make sitting at your computer and typing all day more comfortable like using padded wrist rests

Favorite work lunch
Call me weird (my coworkers do) but I love soup. I usually have soup at least 3 times a week for lunch in the office or out at lunch in restaurants. It’s hearty yet light and easy to eat when I have to work through lunch (which is pretty often). I love tortilla soup, potato soup, broccoli and cheese soup and hot and sour soup (and I’ll try any others). Sometimes I make it at home (since it’s so easy and cheap to make and lasts for weeks) or I’ll bring store-bought brands to work in addition to going to my favorite restaurants and ordering from the menu. I’m also keen on wraps and sushi.

Normal work attire
It’s a fashion show where I work. We’re mostly young female professionals with serious shoe and purse fetishes. The dress code is business casual when clients aren’t involved and business when clients are present. For the most part, the Texas heat tempts us into light, airy dresses but our cold office forces us to bring office blankets and pashminas. I’d say that my week starts off in heels and ends in cute flats, and I prefer to wear casual dresses that I can dress up with jewelry, along with leggings with long shirts and dressy black or white petal pushers with cute tops. I’d say overall that I along with the other girls, dress to look cool yet polished and not necessarily formal.

Anything you want to add?
Being a working woman is a lifestyle. After all, we spend most of our waking hours in a cube or staring at our home office computer, which is why we should do everything possible to make that time fun, fashionable and comfortable. is here to help women do just that.
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