Q&A from Corporette

Corporette had this fun little Hoseanna Q & A a few days ago and asked their readers to answer the same questions. Done.

1. I am a [Corporate Rookie, Corporate Vet, Marathon Mom, or Uniform Diva] because…

I think I’m a corporate rookie? I don’t really know the definition of each one. I just know that I’m not a Marathon Mom.

2. How do you balance style with being ‘business appropriate’? Has that evolved over the years?

Well. I have thing for vintage dresses but I try to be a little more conservative for work or business related activities. I’m really on the lenient side as far as strict business dress. But I think you have to realize that the way you dress effects the way people think about you and treat you. I dress kind of young because I am young and I have to deal with the consequences. If I wanted to look older, I would have to really go to town with Banana Republic or something.

3. Confess! What’s your most embarrassing fashion moment?

One time I was walking around Wall Street and it was really windy and I was wearing a dress. This lady stopped me to tell me that my dress was all caught up and not covering my legs, at all. Luckily I was wearing tights but I still felt pretty dumb.

4. What’s your favorite type of hosiery?

-Thick, sweater tights (for winter)
-Legwarmers (+tights. It helps them stay up better)
-Knee-high socks (as long as they don’t fall down)
-Sheer tights are pretty fun

5. What’s the best way to pair tights with your outfit whether its work or play?

I agree with what they said on Corporette. I like dark, normal colors of tights. There was a phase a few years ago when I liked bright colored tights but I’m kind of over them now. Instead I like to have a pair of black, brown, navy, and grey. I also really like white tights but let me warn you, you might feel like your 6 years old. I think tights are great under skirts, dresses, and all the normal stuff. Lately, I’ve been wearing tights under my corduroy shorts and under my cropped khakis and that works great too!

6. If you could invite any four women to dinner, historical, fictional or current day, who would they be?

This is hard. At this moment I would say – Thea Porter (b/c I’m doing a project based on her designs), my Great Grandmother Clara who I never met, and some other nice people. I always hate this question

7. What is the best ‘reclaim your time’ tip you can give your readers?

If you are like me and you are constantly thinking about your schedule in your mind, get a calendar and write it all down. I’m always trying to think about all the different things I need to do and it’s easier to write it all down and then you won’t worry about forgetting anything. I keep a little calendar next to my computer and I basically dump everything I’m thinking about doing on to that thing.

8. If you had a theme song what would it be?

I’m a huge Stars fan.

9. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Candy, pop songs from the radio, cheesy chick flicks. All the normal stuff you should be ashamed of I guess.

10. When I grow up I want to be….

Pretty, fun, and talented?

Now you answer! It was harder than I thought it would be actually. I just wanted to answer I don’t know on a lot of them.

  • business review

    White tights are as repellent to most fashionistas as bright light is to gremlins. I intentionally chose the white tights today to counter the somewhat stuffy sweater.

  • 1. I’m not really any of those

    2. I think anything from Ann Taylor or Banana Republic would fit both style and professionalism in clothing choices.

    3. It’s a tie between-I went to meet a client at his business to talk to him about a commission and I wore too casual of an outfit plus to make it worse the pants made me feel like a frump every time I wore them-or when I had to sign my prints and see tons of customers and I had on a suit with a tank top underneath. When I got home I discovered the little hangar strap thingies from the jacket and tank were all hanging down on the outside and no one told me. There were 4 of them! Eeek!

    4. Thigh high nylons. I can’t stand tight waste bands around my stomach

    5. I would definitely not pick tights to ever wear just for fun or as casual wear—it’s the tight waste band phobia thing.

    6. Toughie for sure – Mary Antoniette, the Pharoah Hapshetsut, and my grandmother, Clara, also, that died and my great grandmother that they called “Bake” that invented the famous Dunford chocolate donut (I’m sorry but they ARE the best).

    7. Organize your time as to how you do things. Like always have certain days that you do things that are a chore. Get them over with and then do what you want without feeling guilty.

    8. Well years ago it was “I Am Women” but that’s too easily made fun of these days but it really was cool when I first heard it and felt that women were finally being noticed as important.

    9. Diet Coke, Zevia pop, cake with ice cream, popcorn with lots of butter…..treats treats treats.

    10. I’m grown up already but if I could grow more I would choose to be an illustrator of books.