Road Warriorette Favorites

Road Warriorette is a blog all about business travel. When I started traveling for work, there were very few resources available for women. So I vowed that when I had enough good information to share, I would get it out there to my fellow woman business travelers. Now I write about what to pack, what to wear, travel etiquette, and anything else that comes to mind.

Work situation
I work from home for my day job and my blog, when I’m not traveling. I do not blog full time as of yet, although I think it would be really great if I ever got there. My favorite time for writing is first thing in the morning–I get my coffee, get in my comfy armchair in the living room, read all of the news sites and blogs I check daily, then start writing. Once I’ve got my post up for the day, I start working my real job. Of course, when I’m traveling it’s a different situation.

Ideal work situation
Eventually, I think blogging and writing full time would be great! It will take a while to get there though.

10 favorite office supplies

For me, it’s all about the basics. I love notepads and pens, and I have since I was a little girl. My mom tells stories about me raiding the supply cabinet at her work, taking steno pads and Bic pens and hiding them. To this day, I have a ton of notebooks: journals, legal pads, small ones, medium size ones, recycled ones….. I’ve never met a notepad I didn’t love. I use them for lists, notes, ideas, and occasionally, actual journaling. I’m also super picky about the pens I use. Pens that write really smoothly are a precious thing. For my recent birthday, one of my best friends gave me this amazing pen with an owl on it. I use it now for all of my personal, most important correspondence.

I also like anything recycled, binders, markers, organizational supplies, calendars, planners (which, if you think about it, is really just another type of notebook), colored paper clips, and pretty folders. My husband loves his mesh office chair and highlighters.

Favorite work lunch

There is a Thai place in my neighborhood that has the BEST pineapple curry. I always feel like I’m really treating myself when I eat there. I also love eating the fabulous soup, whatever kind it may be that day, at my favorite wine bar (that is a coffee bar during the day).

Normal work attire

When I’m at home, I am in yoga pants every day. In the summer I wear shorter pants with a tank top, and in the winter I wear long pants with a long sleeved t-shirt. If I have to go somewhere during the day I will (begrudgingly) change, but I always start out in yoga pants.

Anything you want to add?
Writing Road Warriorette has been an amazing experience, and the response from fellow business travelers has been overwhelming. One of the most rewarding parts has been hearing from travelers who have used my advice and had a better trip because of it. I love blogging and want to do it forever, and I hope to continue helping people travel more easily. My ultimate goal would be to someday write a book about business travel for women, so I can reach as many people as possible.

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