show your desk series: the new professional

I love discovering new office fashion blogs! I stumbled across The New Professional a few weeks ago and was excited to see that she is more than just office fashion. She saw the post I did last week about my desk and said that we could share hers. Great!

You can see more pics of her recovered bulletin board and inspiring quotes in her post (and this one) too! I’m jealous of her big cubicle workspace!

My favorite is her Cubicle Survival Kit. I always had some essentials in my drawer at work (top ramen, snacks, etc) but she is much much more prepared.

Personal care:

* Gum
* Lint roller
* Bobby pins
* Hairspray (for both taming flyaways and as a makeshift static guard)
* Toothpaste, toothbrush, and floss (I like to just bring whatever little packet my dentist gives me at each visit)
* Nail file
* Tide-to-go pen
* Extra makeup brush (haven’t used this ever but have it anyway)
* More mints
* Ibuprofen (or your preferred headache-healer)
* Comb (somehow this didn’t make it into the pic, but I rarely use brushes on my hair)

* Tea/drinks (I also have hot chocolate, honey, and some Nature Made Immuni-C packets)
* Breakfast (I like cereal and instant oatmeal packets)
* Extra cups and utensils (I generally use my reusable mug and bowl, but these come in handy for ultra messy food, since I don’t always get to the sink that often since it’s on the other side of the building. Caked on oatmeal = not fun to be scrubbing while in work clothes)
* Healthy snacks (trail mix, nuts, soy crisps)
* Backup lunch (organic instant soups, Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers, things that don’t have to be refrigerated or frozen)
* Candy (What can I say? I need my sweets)

(she also suggests keeping blank cards and some gift wrap on hand. always be prepared!)

…and of course, she has lots of great outfits!

Thanks Angeline for letting us share your workspace!