time to become an invisible hoarder

A few days ago I saw the term “invisible hoarder” on the Rubbermaid blog and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Back up a few weeks and I was visiting my brother and sister n law in Baltimore. While I was there, they showed me the AE really depressing Reality Show called Hoarders. My sister n law could hardly stand to watch it, she was so disgusted. I found it interesting to watch what people would save and buy and then depressed that they had all this wasted stuff in their house that wasn’t being used and could definitely be used by someone in need.

To connect the idea of “hoarding” and becoming an “invisible hoarder” together – i think invisible hoarding is a progressive step to move away from actual hoarding. I love to collect wedding invitations, cool looking flyers, pieces of paper, pages of magazines, and anything else that could potentially be inspiring. I’ve come to realize that a) i can’t ever find that one inspirational item i’m looking for b) i really don’t need to save every magazine I get c) I can’t keep everything. Living in an apt you have to judge wisely about how to use your space otherwise your junk will eat you alive! I’ve started taking pictures of things and tagging them in iPhoto to find them quickly. I love the feeling of recycling huge piles of papers and cleaning out an extra drawer. Now I can do that with invisible or digital hoarding!

Now connect this to the office. Do you really need all that paperwork you have on your desk? Keep the file on your computer instead! (backed up of course) It’s so nice to know that all your info is in one place rather than in this filing cabinet or that drawer or that pile of papers on your desk.

Now back to normal hoarding. Obviously you can’t take a picture of the dry erase markers you have at your desk and get the same effect as having them. But do you really need 6 black dry erase markers?? Yes it feels wonderful to have every office supply you might ever need…but give something up to the new guy. Take extra office supplies and donate them to a local school or non-profit. I bet they need them.

Excuse my novel, but take a minute and think about your space at work and home. Could it be cleaner? Could someone use something you NEVER use? It’s time to share and let go of all the extra stuff in our lives! (and if your desk looks like one of these below…well good luck!)

Photos from our Messy Office post a year or so ago, here, and the collared sheep.