Use Office Supplies for Portion Control

Ever since I saw this article about using office supplies for portion control I have been comparing the food I’m eating, while I’m working, to the supplies on my desk. It’s great to have an obvious visual sitting right in front of you, reminding you about how much you should or should not be eating. These are the guidelines they suggest:

A computer mouse is about the size your baked potato, rice or pasta serving should be.
A C.D. is about the size of a 1oz. piece of lunch meat. Have 2-3oz. on your sandwich.
A thumb drive is about the size of an ounce of cheese, which is the perfect snack-size portion.
An iPhone is about the size of a correct serving of meat or poultry.
Take a look at your checkbook to get an idea of what 3oz. of fish looks like. Have up to 6oz. for lunch.
Your pencil holder can be a good guide for portioning out cereals, pretzels or other snacks like crackers. The amount that could fit inside the holder (without spilling over the top) is about 1 serving.
A light bulb is about the size of a half cup serving of fruit or veggies.
Wondering how much butter to add to your toast? Match a pat of butter to the size of a postage stamp.

I’m thinking that my pencil cup might be a little large. I swear it fits 2 cups of cereal in there! And for the amount of treats you should eat, let’s just say you can have a letter tray amount :)